In ** breaking ** news surprising no one except sociologists: European countries are not all that dissimilar! Forgive me for starting with the conclusion. It took me four years to actually reach one, so I’m a little attached to it. For this week I will be showing some code from the first chapter of my dissertation on cross-national variation in the association between mother’s work hours and father’s share of childcare.

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Last week was crazy because we moved from the Netherlands to San Francisco, and jetlag and babies don’t go well together. When your child wakes up at 11:30pm and doesn’t fall back asleep until 2am is exactly when you realize how difficult it must be to be a single parent. Father involvement And of course, it’s not only single parents who have full responsibility of staying up with the baby when she’s not sleeping.

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Last week I ended the blogpost saying I would share results from the Kaggle survey this week, but actually there’s something else I want to talk about first Sample size In social science research we are mostly working with data collected by someone else. That’s because the scale of the survey data we need to be representative of a country or multiple countries is too big and too expensive for one person to collect by themselves.

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