Blogdown This week was the very first meeting of the R-Ladies Rotterdam chapter. Ingrid Szilagyi was the driving force behind starting an R-ladies chapter in the Netherlands, and I had the pleasure of working with her, the Py, R, and all things tech-Lady Elena He, and the uber-experienced Paloma Rojas Saunero, formerly a Buenos Aires R-Lady. At the meetup Ingrid gave an introduction to R-ladies, Elrozy Randrinopoulou gave one of the best intro to R talks I’ve ever seen, and I talked about using blogdown to harness the power of Rmarkdown for publishing to the web.

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This week I am trying to embed a shiny app on a static website using blogdown. In a couple of weeks I get to present a short introduction of blogdown at the first ever R-ladies meetup in the Netherlands following a presentation on Rmarkdown and Shiny1. It will be a nice bonus if I can show how to embed shiny apps in blogdown! Kaggle tech survey For this demonstration I’m going to use data from the freely available Kaggle survey on data science and machine learning.

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This is the personal blog of Brett Ory. I am a Data Scientist with background in Family Sociology. This blog will be about all things data and social science related.

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