Since moving to San Francisco at the end of February, I have been driving and walking around town, trying to get to know my new city. And even though I’ve only been here a few weeks, I already feel affinity1 for my own neighborhood. Which is good, because I’m also too lazy to leave it. I also learned recently that you can download your location history via google. In the spirit of discovering my new city and possibly also discovering something about my (homebody) self, today I am going to make a map of where I have been since moving here three weeks ago.

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Last week was crazy because we moved from the Netherlands to San Francisco, and jetlag and babies don’t go well together. When your child wakes up at 11:30pm and doesn’t fall back asleep until 2am is exactly when you realize how difficult it must be to be a single parent. Father involvement And of course, it’s not only single parents who have full responsibility of staying up with the baby when she’s not sleeping.

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