Two weeks ago I claimed that women report higher job satisfaction when they work in countries where tech is more male-dominated. And then instead of backing up my claim last week, I got sidetracked by questions of sample size and statistical power. In a previous blog post I introduced the Kaggle survey on women in tech and I did some basic data cleaning for that survey. To save time and get to the point, I now pick up where I left off.

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Yes, this is yet another post about using the open source Titanic dataset to predict whether someone would live or die. At this point, there’s not much new I (or anyone) can add to accuracy in predicting survival on the Titanic, so I’m going to focus on using this as an opportunity to explore a couple of R packages and teach myself some new machine learning techniques. I will be doing this over two blog posts.

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It’s the second day of 2018, which means time to start acting on my new year’s resolution to start a data blog. In the coming year I aim to post old and new data analysis projects, and in doing so learn more about markdown, R, A/B testing, data analysis, web design, and more. In pursuit of improving my blogging skills, I will also be following more blogs, so feel free to send me your blogs!

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